NINJA 4 RENT (Switzerland / USA)

Ninja 4 Rent is a nomadic troop of artists, performers and teachers,
making a life doing what we love.
Because our goal is to collect excellence, our teachers come from many countries,
and most had personal projects before we joined forces.

We offer classes, retreats and entertainment.
We specialise in fire performance, flow art, yoga, reiki, qi gond and tai chi.



An exclusive and poetic cocktail in which dance, juggling and visual creations meet.
Formed by the Brasilian duet Natasha & Bruno Guimil
Translucido will doubtless make your event magic, unique,
while you will travel from adventure to the dreams.

Visual Body Art
The beauty of body language influenced by different cultures sublimate the movement.

Translucido is a fresh mixture of visual body art including juggling, dance and
capoeira with traditional influences from Asia (India & Thai)
When crystal, lights, visuals, music and fire meet to give rhythm to the shows and
the choreographies will make you travel from reality to imaginary.

Translucido offers exclusive, dynamic and colourful shows for all audiences
for your festival, event (corporate or private), wedding,…
The performance can be also adapted according to the thematic of your event.
For your children, Translucido offers you various possibilities (Juggling workshop, clown & animations).