Carin Dickson


Carin Dickson has been trading under the title Artscape since 2000.
Based in south Africa, she is well established in the South African psytrance scene
and has been showcasing her talent across the world over the past years.

Carin started out painting psychedelic backdrops - especially well known for
her giant 8m by 3m paintings and has now progressed into creating
fully immersive 3D environments, combining her painting skills with
stretch fabrics, sculptural elements and lighting.
From always having a multi dimensional mind and that being evident in her paintings
Carin is now using that ability to create spaces to feel as if you are
inside a painting rather than looking at it.

Artscape has been decorating the major psytrance events in South Africa over the last 6 years
such as Vortex, Origin Festival, Earthdance, Rezonance, Fu-Cha, Alien Safari & Groovy Troopers.
And more recently her talents have taken her around the world, decorating events such as
VUUV- Germany, OZORA- Hungary, BOOM- Portugal, BLACKMOON & THE EXPERIENCE- Thailand,
SONICA- Montenegro, GLADE- UK, LIFE FESTIVAL- Ireland and even to countries for smaller events
like Mexico, Japan, Nepal, Greece, South Korea, Lebanon and Bahrain.

Along with moving onto bigger scale installations and being in high demand
came the need for help and over the last 3 years Artscape has
trained and build up an awesome team of co-creators to assist in
bringing these amazing dance floors to life.
Carin has also introduced an intelligent LED lighting system into the installations,
which combined with the artwork creates shifting colour effects and
pulsating patterns in and around the dance floor.
This art speaks a language of its own- o combination of colour mastery,
perceptual depth and worldly inspired designs all brought together creating
pure eye pleasing awe inspiring visuals and a psychedelic experience all on its own.


Magic Phangan Family





VJ Baba is a stage designer and 3D visual mapping artist, shooting original loops
based on Mother Nature from all around the world.

VJ Baba shines his magic rainbow box on a jyoti yatra (light pilgrimage) that has taken him
from the caves of India to festivals and parties all around the world.
Shooting original footage along the journey and screening visuals
where ever baba finds like minded friends, some groovy beats and good feelings.
VJ Baba enjoys non-attachment and self discovery, embracing Mother Nature,
the company of others and the creation of art through craft, skill and occasionally a little
happy-go-lucky coincidence.
Baba channels the life force of Mother Nature in his visuals and uses minimal computer "special effects"
to create mesmerising images that glide you through your dance floor journey.

VJ Baba has designed and provided 3D structures and visuals on main stage for Eden Festival, The Experience Festival,
Magikana Festival, Awaredance, Shamania Festival and many other DJ's and live artists at festivals and parties around the world.

Website: VJ BABA



Le Thanh Tung (a.k.a Crazy Monkey) is an multimedia artist based in Saigon, Vietnam.
Experienced in working with creative materials in Graphic Design and Fine Art,
Crazy Monkey is currently experimenting new innovative technology for visual performance purpose
such as Visual Jockey (VJ), Interactive Visual Art and New Media.
His artworks represent his eyes on relationship between human and new technologies.
Through art, he also wants to express his concern about modern life’s conflicts.
Beside his passion on art, Crazy Monkey is known as an Art Director who successfully has been working on
commercial projects with international brands.